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Debt-Relieving Tax Negotiations nationwide

Ignoring tax problems only makes them worse. Count on Equity Search Inc. in Vienna, Virginia, to make tax negotiations and represent you on your behalf.


When you file a return without paying the full amount, the IRS sends a bill for payment. This first bill explains the reason for the bill and demands full payment. It references the tax form, the year involved, and the amount due. The IRS also assesses penalties. Further communication from the IRS becomes increasingly threatening.

The Assessment

If the assessment looks erroneous, contact the IRS to discuss the bill to make any corrections they deem appropriate; however, if the assessment is correct, and the full amount is unpaid, you have options. This is the time to hire a tax negotiation and relief expert to protect your rights.


This is a negotiated agreement to make payments over a specified period to pay the taxes owed. We help ensure that you get the best arrangement for you instead of the IRS recommendation, which will be what is best for the IRS. We also handle all paperwork and negotiations to maximize the chances of acceptance of your proposed agreement.

Business Meeting - Tax Negotiations


Currently Not Collectible

If you are unable to make any payments, the IRS may defer collection efforts for a specified period, though interest and penalties continue to accrue. We'll walk through the process, help you determine whether this is the tax relief strategy for you, and handle the case before the IRS on your behalf.

Offers in Compromise

The IRS sometimes negotiates deals with taxpayers to settle for less than the full amount owed. Our CPAs and Enrolled Agents have handled thousands of these negotiations. Trust us to find the best settlement for you and negotiate on your behalf to maximize the chance that the IRS will accept your offer.

Innocent or Injured Spouse

If taxes due are the result of your current or former spouse's actions, don't worry our pros will advise you on the course of action.
Contact our tax negotiation experts to help you find a solution.